QMRITools package: Processing and analysing DTI and DKI data.


TensorCalc Calculates the diffusion tensor. The default settings use an iterative WLLS (10.1016/j.neuroimage.2013.05.028) estimator with REKINDLE outlier rejection (10.1002/mrm.25165).

SortDiffusionData Sorts the diffusion data for ascending b-value.

ParameterCalc Calculates the MD, FA, and eigenvalues of the tensor.

ResidualCalc Calculates the tensor residuals.

DriftCorrect Correct diffusion data for signal drift (10.1002/mrm.26124).

ConcatenateDiffusionData  ▪  RemoveIsoImages  ▪  SigmaCalc

EigensysCalc  ▪  EigenvalCalc  ▪  EigenvecCalc  ▪  ADCCalc  ▪  FACalc  ▪  ECalc  ▪  AngleCalc  ▪  AngleMap

Correct  ▪  TensorCorrect  ▪  Deriv