QMRITools package written by Martijn Froeling.  Contains various sub-packages with functions for processing, evaluating, simulating, importing, exporting and simulating of quantitative MRI data. It provides a range of functions to process DWI, DTI, Dixon and T2mapping data, phase unwrapping etc. If additional features are required please contact me on m.froeling@gmail.com


CardiacTools Set of functions specific for cardiac data.

CoilTools Set of functions to analyse coil data.

DenoiseTools Function for noise suppression in data.

DixonTools Functions for Dixon reconstruction and analysis.

ElastixTools Various registration functions that use the Elastix software.

GeneralTools General toolbox functions that are used in other packages.

GradientTools Set of functions for generating, converting and manipulating diffusion gradients.

ImportTools Functions for importing dcm data.

IVIMTools IVIM fitting functions such as Bayesian fitting.

JcouplingTools Toolbox for j-coupling simulations.

MaskingTools Generating masks from data and related functions.

NiftiTools Functions for importing and exporting Nifti (*.nii) data.

PhysiologyTools Importing phys-logging from MRI and Respiract.

PlottingTools Set of functions for displaying, visualizing and plotting data.

ProcessingTools Set of functions for general processing of data.

ReconstructionTools Set of functions for raw MRI data reconstruction.

RelaxometryTools Set of function for fitting relaxometry data (e.g. T2, T1 and T1rho).

SimulationTools Simulation toolbox for simulating DWI and DTI data.

SpectroTools Toolbox for processing and analysing MR spectra.

TensorTools Toolbox for processing diffusion tensor data.

VisteTools Functions for importing and exporting data for the Viste Toolbox for fiber tractography.