QMRITools package: Functions for processing Data


JoinSets Joins multiple transverse stacts into one (10.1148/radiol.14140702).

SmartMask Creates a mask of a tensor based on the probability of the tensor parameters.

FindOutliers Identifies the ouliers of a data vector.

SetupDataStructure Setup of a input nii and output folder for dcm subject folder.

SNRCalc  ▪  SNRMapCalc

CorrectJoinSetMotion  ▪  SplitSets  ▪  MedCouple  ▪  DataTransformation  ▪  InvertDataset

FiberDensityMap  ▪  FiberLengths

NumberTableForm  ▪  FitData  ▪  DatTot  ▪  DatTotXLS  ▪  MeanRange  ▪  MeanStd  ▪  GetMaskMeans  ▪  ParameterFit  ▪  ParameterFit2